1) Educational Grants: competitions are running for

research activity in collaboration with Magnetic Measurement Secton of CERN and INFN
(Istituto Nazionale Fisica Nucleare ) of Frascati section. Duration: 
12 months extendable.
Availability to stay at CERN labs for several weeks is

2) Applications for PhD programs:

IMPALab is searching   PhD candidates in cotutorship with foreign universities (in Switzerland,
USA, French, UK, Netherlands,
Germany, Portugal, and Spain) for research projects in
cooperation with CERN, Analog Devices, Hewlett Packard Enterprise,
ST Microelectronics, and
Nvidia. Availability to spend long periods (at least 18 months) in foreign countries and industrial

environment is required.

3) Thesis and "Research Topics"

      Microcontroller-based devices prototyping for Measurements on the Internet of Thing (Miot)

    •  Metrological characterization of devices based on microcontrollers for impedance spectroscopy measurements

    •  Prototyping of next generation electrodes for acquisition of electrophysiological signals

    •  Metrological characterization of next-generation electrodes for acquisition of electrophysiological signals

    •  Brain computer interface: electroencephalographic signal acquisition and postprocessing

    •  Brain computer interface: wearable devices prototyping (hardware and software)

    •  Metrological characterization of Brain Computer Interface devices

    •  Augmented Reality and Immersive Environment: prototyping wearable devices (hardware and software)

    •  Implementation of smart sensors for Augmented Reality and Immersive Environment

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