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    Instrumentation and Measurement for Particle Accelerator Laboratory
    Working Together
    we do not see problems, but opportunities

    Modern experimental research combines disciplines as metrology, electronics, informatics, electrical engineering, statistics, and digital signal processing. The Impalab Laboratory integrated these areas of research with its team of academic, professional, post doctoral, and student research scientists. Furthermore, the lab maintains laboratory and fabrication facilities, as well as integration with partner and spin-off industrial companies, to allow our researchers to move quickly from a device concept to a prototype, and rapidly finalize their designs. In this way we convert dreams in projects.

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    These are some areas of our current research:

    Magnetic Measurement Platform
    Metrological performande improvementà
    Wires for small-aperture magnets
    Vibrating wires for longitudinal field profiles

    Metrological performande improvementà



    IMPLAB Laboratory is active on these projects:


    • Characterizing and Monitoring Resistive Magnets
    • Condition monitoring of cryogenics equipment
    • Magnetic Measurement Platform
    • Wires for small-aperture magnets
    • Precision hardware Design
    • Polyvalent Field Mapper
    • Beam Monitoring
    • IT for Particle Accellerators


    April 2018

    • Great success for the opening event of the "Learning entrepreneurship" project (Prof. Arpaia is scientific manager) promoted by the Polytechnic and Basic Sciences School of Federico II University of Naples and by the Order of Engineers of the Province of Naples. The project provides graduate students of the Polytechnic and Basic Sciences School with multiple opportunities for internships in companies.

      During the opening event, Dr. Raffaella Febbo and Dr. Alessandra Altruda, manager of ADECCO Italia, held an orientation seminar form more than 300 students on the topics:

      - How to write a CV that guarantees an interview
      - Strategies for a winning interview.


    September 2017

    • Congratulation to Carlo Baccigalupi for winning the "CARLO OFFELLI" - GMEE Award with his doctoral thesis: "High-Repeatable Data Acquisition Systems for Pulsed Power Converters in Particle Accelerator Structures". 

    June 2017

    Scandale@DIETI 2017

    • The 3-CFU Course held by Prof. Walter Scandale of CERN has just ended. Titled "Design and implementation of complex experiments: a case study on SPS experiments to test crystal collimation for LHC”, it was organized in the context of the internationalization of Electronic Engineering CdS.
      The Course ranged from particle accelerators physics of to their enabling technologies and the case study of UA9, as a smart experiment capable of innovating complex experimental systems in simplicity.
      Thirty participants (30% PhD, 40% MSc and 30% BSc students) attended, with daily  average of 20, and 14 at the final exam, 1 with cum laude and 3 with 30/30.
      Thanks to Walter Scandale for having donated to Federico II such a generous share of his precious time and congratulations ro IMPALab members (Casinelli, Gargiulo, Gatti and Smarra) for their good score.

      The organization of the course as well as of related visits and institutional meetings has seen a strong commitment of IMPALab.
      Profs. Arpaia and Scandale particularly thank Umberto Cesaro for his generous commitment to the perfect performance of IMPALab in the event "Scandale@DIETI 2017.


    • Congratulation to Fulvio Martinelli, MSc student of IMPALab, currently carrying out a stage at CERN in cooperation with the University of Geneva, under the supervision of the Director of the Particle Physics Department, Giuseppe Iacobucci. Fulvio has been award as the one of the Best Student of Federico II. The Award is given to the best 33 students of the University (on about 80,000). 


    INSTRUMENTATION & MEASUREMENT for Particle Accelerator Lab

    80100 Naples (ITALY) - Via Claudio, 21 - DIETI block

    Tel  (+39) 081 2625318  -  Fax (+39) 081 262319300



    80100 Naples (ITALY) - Via Claudio, 21

    Tel (+39) 081 2665318

    Fax (+39) 081 262319300


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