Modern experimental research combines disciplines as metrology, electronics, informatics, electrical engineering, statistics, and digital signal processing. The Impalab Laboratory integrated these areas of research with its team of academic, professional, post doctoral, and student research scientists. Furthermore, the lab maintains laboratory and fabrication facilities, as well as integration with partner and spin-off industrial companies, to allow our researchers to move quickly from a device concept to a prototype, and rapidly finalize their designs. In this way we convert dreams in projects.


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IMPALAB - Laboratory

These are some areas of our current research:
Magnetic Measurement Platform
Metrological performande improvementà
Wires for small-aperture magnets
Vibrating wires for longitudinal field profiles
Metrological performande improvementà

Current Projects

IMPLAB Laboratoty is active on these projects:

  • Characterizing and Monitoring Resistive Magnets
  • Condition monitoring of cryogenics equipment
  • Magnetic Measurement Platform
  • Wires for small-aperture magnets
  • Precision hardware Design
  • Polyvalent Field Mapper


September 2016

 Two IMPALab  projects at 30th "Futuro Remoto" edition

  • IMPALab will be at 30th "Futuro Remoto” edition, the oldest Italian event on scientific promotion/dissemination and tech innovation.
    Futuro Remoto 2016 will take place from October 7th to 10th in Napoli - Plebiscito Square – hosting students, citizens, and tourists with a huge program of events and protagonists of Science world. 
    IMPALab will present:  "Electronic Syringe" (in collaboration with Innovum Biomedical srl) and  “How to create your own business through a University Course: high-tech digital workers" (in collaboration with FabLab - DIETI). 
    Stand No. 1, area "Body and Mind”. Do not miss!

July 2016

  • Federico II University Students at CERN: agreement to research contracts was signed. Prof. Manfredi is the first rector of Federico II on a visit to Geneva Centre. Prof. Arpaia is the scientific responsible of the agreement.
  • Congratulation to Giuseppe Monetenero for taking First Place ex aequo at Congress of Italian professors Measures for his CryoDCCT research

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