a.  IEEE IMTC 2006 Doctoral Student AWARD to Alessandro Masi for the paper:

     "P. Arpaia, L.. Bottura, P. Cimmino, D. Giloteaux, A. Masi, J. Garcia Perez, G. Spiezia, L. Walckiers, "A fast digital
     integrator for magnetic field measurements  at  CERN", IEEE IMTC '06, 24-27 April 2006, pp. 67 71."

b.  IEEE I2MTC10 Undergraduate Student Paper AWARD to Giuseppe Montenero for the paper:

     "P. Arpaia, M. Buzio, L. Fiscarelli, G. Montenero, J. G. Perez, L. Walckiers, "Compensation of Third-Harmonic Field Error in
     LHC Main Dipole Magnets", IEEE International Instrumentation and Measurement Technology Conference, Austin,
     3-6 May 2010."

c.  Outstanding Reviewer of 2011 (IEEE Transactions on Instrumentation and Measurement);

d.  IMEKO World 2012 Junior Paper AWARD "György Striker" to Carlo Petrone for the papers:

    • P. Arpaia, C. Petrone, S. Russenschuck, "Measuring multipole field errors in magnet apertures of large aspect ratio by
       means of an oscillating wire on elliptic trajectories", XX IMEKO World Congress, September 9-14, 2012, Busan, Korea;

   • P. Arpaia, C. Petrone, L. Walckiers, "Experimental validation of solenoid magnetic centre measurement by vibrating
      wire system", XX IMEKO World Congress, 
September 9-14, 2012, Busan, Korea.".

e.  IMEKO TC-10 2016 Best Live Demonstration Award: 

     P. Arpaia, U. Cesaro, N. Moccaldi, F. Vicidomini, “Measuring Trasdermal Drug Delivery in Mesoporation".

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