a. IEEE I2MTC2020 Doctoral Student Best Paper Award-2nd Place for the paper :

        Giovanni Annuzzi, Pasquale Arpaia, Umberto Cesaro, Ornella Cuomo, Mirco Frosolone, Sabrina Grassini, Nicola Moccaldi, Isabella Sannino "A Customized Bioimpedance Meter for Monitoring Insulin Biovailability"

    b.  IMEKO World Congress 2018 Best Poster Presentation Award, by the Instrument Science and Technology Group of the Institue of Physics, for the paper:

        P. Arpaia, G Caiafa, and S. Russenschuck,  "A rotating-coil magnetometer for the scanning of transversal field harmonics in particle accelerator magnets".


    c.  IMEKO TC-10 2016 Best Live Demonstration Award:

       P. Arpaia, U. Cesaro, N. Moccaldi, F. Vicidomini, “Measuring Trasdermal Drug Delivery in Mesoporation".


    d.  IMEKO World 2012 Junior Paper AWARD "György Striker" to Carlo Petrone for the papers :

        P. Arpaia, C. Petrone, S. Russenschuck, "Measuring multipole field errors in magnet apertures of large aspect ratio by means of an oscillating wire on elliptic trajectories",

       P. Arpaia, C. Petrone, L. Walckiers, "Experimental validation of solenoid magnetic centre measurement by vibrating wire system".


    e.  Outstanding Reviewer of 2011 (IEEE Transactions on Instrumentation and Measurement);


    f.  IEEE I2MTC10 Undergraduate Student Paper AWARD to Giuseppe Montenero for the paper :

         P. Arpaia, M. Buzio, L. Fiscarelli, G. Montenero, J. G. Perez, L. Walckiers, "Compensation of Third-Harmonic Field Error in
         LHC Main Dipole Magnets", IEEE International Instrumentation and Measurement Technology Conference, Austin, 
         3-6 May 2010".


    g.  IEEE IMTC 2006 Doctoral Student AWARD to Alessandro Masi for the paper :

         P. Arpaia, L.. Bottura, P. Cimmino, D. Giloteaux, A. Masi, J. Garcia Perez, G. Spiezia, L. Walckiers, "A fast digital
         integrator for magnetic field measurements  at  CERN", IEEE IMTC '06, 24-27 April 2006, pp. 67 71".




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