Magnetic measurements

  • Wire-based measurement methods
  • Polyvalent field mapper based on small rotating coils
  • PCB coil sensors for precision magnetic field measurementsg
  • Characterization of Axially-Symmetric Magnetic Fields
  • Characterization of magnetic materials for particle
    accelerator components
  • A magnetic measurement system to extract pseudo-multipoles
    in accelerator magnets
  • Enhanced Fast Digital Integrator



Superconducting Measurement

  • Superconducting Measurement
  • Performance improvement of superconducting cable test station








Power Converters Metrology

  • High-repeatable data cquisition systems for pulsed power
    converters in particle accelerators



Cryogenics Monitoring

  • Advanced monitoring fault diagnostics, and maintenance of
    cryogenic systems



Biomedical Instrumentation

  • Measuring Transdermal Drug Delivery in Mesoporation (MATSI)







New Projects

  • Steady-state visual-evoked potential 1-s real-time response measurement
    system based on Huang-Hilbert Transform for single-channel brain computer
    interface to smartphone (BraInPhone)
  • Accuracy enhancement of indoor positioning by low-cost MEMS
    accelerometers drift correction through derivative filters and by analytical
    integration of orthonormal base approximated functions (IndoorEnhance)



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